Steve Tacke


Steve Tacke has been involved with a non-profit organization called Helping Hands for the Disabled for over 25 years. His first involvement with them was as a part time paid caregiver at one of their group homes. He graduated from there to a part time Development Director. Currently he is a guardian to one of the residents at that group home. His entire professional career has been in the sales arena which gives him a good background in fundraising.

Steve’s passion for his work with Sister Mary’s Children is inspired by his life-long admiration of Sister Mary Paulé. From the time he met her as a young boy, she became his hero. Traveling to South Africa in 2005 and witnessing what she had accomplished and built with the orphanages ramped up his fervor to see it continue. She took her unique situation and used it to help the most helpless, abandoned and abused children. Sister Mary’s Children is a vehicle to help continue Sister Mary Paulé’s work. Steve wishes to be an integral part in seeing it continue.