Mary Lytle

Mary Lytle has taken 3 trips to Umtata, South Africa to visit her aunt, Sister Mary Paule’.

After her tragic death, Mary became even more committed to keeping her vision and good works alive. Teaming up with her cousin, Steve Tacke and family friends Brenna and Joan Riggers (SMP devotees) to create Sister Mary’s Children has been a dream come true.

Mary worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years and helped produce several fundraisers with Sister Mary Paule’ Tacke’s projects being beneficiaries.

She currently serves on a family board helping to improve the lives of children within our communities. Mary also is a working mom finding the balance between home and work.

Her desire is to continue to support Sister Mary Paule’s Tacke’s projects and people through Sister Mary’s Children.

Mary’s aunt was a very kind, empathetic, courageous and dynamic woman. A spitfire! She created safe homes, schools and programs for children who didn’t have the support, hope and love they needed to thrive. Mary is honored to serve her aunt’s memory and vision along with this passionate and dedicated team.