Brenna Brewster

President, Co-Founder

As a long term volunteer with the partnering projects of Sister Mary’s Children, Brenna has been involved in their development and growth both locally in the U.S. and on the ground in South Africa. Her involvement began in 2006 as a long term volunteer with Bethany Children’s Home. Aiding with daily care of the children, education, staff development, and facility improvements, she was able to experience the daily operations of the project. During her time locally in South Africa, she realized the need to continue to assist with the projects from her home community, also shared home community of the late Sister Mary Paulé Tacke. Since 2006, she has helped organize assistance and support for the projects. In 2013, Brenna assisted in the development of Sister Mary’s Children to help frame the ongoing efforts.

Her perspective is based in her background as a certified pediatric nurse prepared with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Brenna’s background as a nurse provides a unique frame of reference in understanding the health concerns and aspects of wellness associated with the partnering projects of Sister Mary’s Children. Her ability to assist in the development of daily care and health programs including projects on personal hygiene, oral care, medication administration, compliance, and nutrition is an invaluable resource for the local projects and their staff.